Argentine Pavilion.
Argentine Pavilion is a project whose purpose, more than build a Pavilion, is the build an open space for dialogue on various topics closely related to the Visual Arts today.
Traditions, requirements and policies in which all participate, contribute to the functioning of the national representation in the Visual Arts, in the system of legitimization of artists, and ways to access opportunities to display. Taking to the specific example of the Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, I am inviting a broad public to reflect and contribute their views on the aspect that most closely touches to each.
The work is shrouded in ambiguity, with the intention that the viewer has, even for a moment, the opportunity to decide for himself about the validity of the project, while you are outside the framework of legitimacy, authority and security of an institution of art. On the other hand, the work asks, with irony, but not for this reason without seriousness, the position of the artist in relation to the institutions of its scope, and its public.
Esteban Alvarez, 2001.

Text of the flyer that accompanied the presentation of the project on the public roads, Buenos Aires, 2001.
Participate in the Venice Biennale!
Book now your exhibition space in the Argentine Pavilion; This is a unique opportunity to participate in the construction of a space to exhibit Argentine art in Venice.
The building will be built with funds from the sale of a time share, which will be accessible to those who are interested in exhibiting in Venice in the Argentine Pavilion future *.
The biennial of Venice remains, from the year 1895, one of the most important events on the international art calendar, and is now recognized by many as the most prestigious Centre devoted to the art exhibitions in the world.
Soon, the Argentina will add to the 33 countries that currently have a pavilion to exhibit the works of their artists at I Giardini di Castello, Venice.
We invite you to share with us the pride to see shine to Argentine art in this important international center. We look forward to your support.
The Argentine Pavilion opening is scheduled for June 2004. Compliance with deadlines for construction and delivery will depend on the sale of 83% of the timeshare at least fifteen months before the opening date of the Argentine Pavilion is fulfilled.

Argentine Pavilion: Another project that could not be
The problem of representation in art, or rather the problem of a country representing through expressions that exports. Ask whether art represents argentina in the same as football outside, and surprise us with runaway chauvinism, discovering in the demo of I Giardini di Castello, the small Pavilion of Uruguay nestled along a canal.
These themes were put in play to break in public on two occasions with the Argentine Pavilion project: the first time in 2000 in Florida Street, and the second at the door of the Proa Foundation, in 2001. Finally he had exposed in the Gallery C & C directed by Arturo Carvajal, also in 2001. The project included good intentions, as building a Pavilion for the Argentine art in Venice and allow the artists to buy it as a timeshare.