Economical Project For a More Equitable ecology

Ecological Project:
Improvement of Argentina’s waters
This project consists of transporting a quantity of water from Buenos Aires’ Riachuelo River to Lago Argentino (Argentine Lake), in the Los Glaciares National Park, El Calafate, in the hopes that establishing contact between the river water and the pure water of the lake will generate a favorable exchange. After a determined amount of time in contact, the visiting water, correspondingly sealed in bottles, will be returned to the Riachuelo river, in the expectation that the purifying effect of its having been in close proximity to the waters of Calafate will manifest itself in a contagion that will improve the rest of the river’s water.

Socio-political Project:
Making access to the Perito Moreno Glacier more Democratic
Another project by the artist proposes a series of cuts and icefills to be carried out on the surface of the Perito Moreno Glacier, in order to achieve a more easily transitable surface, converting it into a plateau will fewer irregularities along the length and breadth of its 32 kilometers. This project aims to make access to the ice giant more democratic, in addition to maximizing its usage, with the construction of hockey and ice skating rinks, among other sports activities to be developed. The project will be implemented with the help of a mixed team of experts including geologists, sociologists and engineers. Prior to the close of this year, an open bid will be held for proposals from companies specializing in this area to carry out the elimination of the imperfections and irregularities of the glacier to convert it into an easily transitable space gained alongside the lake.

Economic Project:
Extending the Tourist Season
Naturally, all those who visit the glacier arrive with the expectation of being able to witness its disintegration in person, in its spectacular ruptures as huge ice segments fall into the lake. These events usually take place during the Summer season. This project will enable this natural phenomenon to take place on a daily basis, at a previously scheduled time. With the help of explosive experts, the artist proposes to instigate one rupture a day, through the use of carefully controlled detonations during visiting hours to the National Park, so that the tourists can enjoy their visit to the Park with the ease and satisfaction of knowing they will not miss the moment of rupture. Planned to continue year-round, the economy of Argentina’s Patagonia region will also benefit from reactivation due to the extended season.