In Avellaneda, in the corner of Rivadavia and Charlone, near where was my workshop, from time to time they opened a giant pit. Never knew if for an Aquaduct, pipeline, or only to open the Avenue so that every now and then will drop some truck at the bottom of the well, as an offering to the PachaMama of asphalt.
With this intervention, another way to see the giant hole I proposed to neighbors and passers-by. With a bit of humor, built some posters respecting the isotype and colors of the logo of the Buenos Aires Metro (underground train). Then I placed (with the help of my friend Pablo Rosales) posters around the well, also I added (as a service to the community), a few metres from Orange mesh as a way to prevent future accidents.
The district is fairly peripheral in the province of Buenos Aires, and although it is not very far from the limit of the Federal Capital, one can’t imagine even for a moment that he might have a station subway or Metro there. Never. Possibly it will never happen. So neighbors took it with a lot of humor, and up to the intervention was documented by a local television newscast.