Acting curator.
Extended Performance, Complejo Cultural Santa Cruz, Rio Gallegos, Argentina, 2008.
In the framework of the exhibition “Whims, nonsense and disasters”, developed in the Santa Cruz Cultural complex – curated by Fernando Farina – was invited to make a speech in the space of the Cultural complex.
I accepted the invitation to make the speech, proposing the curator my participation as an “auditor” of the complex, for four days. The “intervention” of this space consisted of assume the position of acting curator of the Department of Visual Arts for four days. In this way, the activity of the Director of the complex was suspended while I took charge personally of all activities related to the direction of the place during that brief period.
Esteban Alvarez, 2008.
In the framework of the exhibition “Whims, nonsense and disasters”, developed in the Santa Cruz Cultural complex – curated by Fernando Farina – Esteban Álvarez was an intervention of this space, which was to assume the position of acting curator of the Department of Visual Arts for four days. Thus, in the first place, he made a press conference with local media for the purpose of highlighting the achievements of the past management and report on projects and initiatives that would be carried forward under his leadership. At the same time, redecorated his office with tapestries of his authorship in view to customize the workspace that had been assigned to it. It then organized a round table entitled “Authorities and democracies in the artistic class struggle” in which Miguel Auzoberría (writer, historian, former Secretary of culture of Rio Gallegos), José Luis Tuñón (artist, psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, and former Secretary of Cultura de Comodoro Rivadavia) and Fernando Farina (curator of the exhibition and current Secretary of culture of Rosario) participated and in which Alvarez served as moderator. It also launched a call for artists across the country to form the agenda 2009 exhibition complex, and signed, together with Roberto throw (curator of the Macro), a Convention for exhibitions of exchange between the Macro and the Santa Cruz Cultural complex, which was released publicly by the interim curator at the keynote speech on “whims You nonsense and disasters”. Finally, launched the preparation of a database of artists in Santa Cruz under the responsibility of the Centre of complex computations. Finally, on August 14, Esteban Álvarez resigned as acting curator alluding time incompatibildad with cargo.
Natalia Pineau (published in

Press report published in August 2008:
Interim curator
Welcome to the Santa Cruz Cultural complex Ministry of culture
Grateful for the dissemination of the following information and call:
Hereby, the Cultural complex Santa Cruz communicates to the community within the context of the exhibition whims, you nonsense and disasters, curated by Fernando Fariña, Professor Esteban Alvarez was invited to intervene in the Area of Visual Arts with playing the role of interim curator at the aforementioned complex for a limited period. Prof. Alvarez, will make the task of general curator during the days 11, 12, 13 and 14 August, always within the aforementioned complex facilities.
Also, we are pleased to inform that there will be a round table on August 12 during the afternoon, which will be discussed on the task of the artists interwoven with curators, critics, directors of institutions and the complex fabric forming the system of the Visual Arts in relation to the other branches of art. The table will count with the participation of specialists, within the context of the exhibition whims, nonsense and disasters, curated by Fernando Fariña. This exhibition includes a unique group of artists coming from different parts of the country, among whom Esteban Alvarez is also included.
Call for artists from all over the country:
Accompanying this proposal, invited interested artists to submit material on 12 August of the current, to be evaluated by the interim curator and his curatorial team. The artists that are selected will be contacted in order to inform you in case of being part of the Cultural complex programming in 2009.
Interested artists should send up to ten photos of recent work and a brief descriptive text of the submitted photos, and also a brief resume (up to 1 page). They must send the suggested material to
Deadline: August 12, 2008. 22:00 hrs
The inner curator, Prof. Esteban Álvarez during his brief agenda
Grateful for the dissemination of the following activities:
11 August:
16 HR.
Press Conference.
The new acting general healer, Prof. Esteban Alvarez, will receive the news media to show the renovated Santa Cruz Cultural complex installations, and will discuss with press on the scope of the proposal. She is using also for space while receiving the media.
August 12:
18 hs.
Round table:
Authorities and democracies in the artistic class struggle
Participants: Fernando Farina, Miguel Auzoberria, José Luis Tuñón.
Moderator: Esteban Álvarez
The theme of the table focuses on different instances in which are settled the decisions in the field of visual culture. The balance of power between artists, curators, directors of museums and cultural institutions. These authorities are part of a validation system that works in the Visual Arts and in other areas is not so visible, as in music or film, where the business and advertising replaced the validation of the scholars who often Visual Arts place their blind trust.
August 13:
throughout the day.
Review of material for 2009 programming.
19 hs.
Opening of the exhibition whims, nonsense, and disasters
Curator: Fernando Farina
Artists: Rosalba Mirabella, Adriana Bustos, Esteban Álvarez, Eugenia Calvo
Mariana Telleria, Silvia Ravetta, group Mamemimomu (Sebastian Perez Opacak, Adriel Ramos, Martin Barber and Patricia Viel), José Luis Tuñón and Horacio Córdoba.
August 14
Presentation of resignation by time inconsistency.
Complex Cultural Santa Cruz, Río Gallegos, Argentina, 2008.