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Fake Fireworks

Intervention in the streets of Rosario City, Semana de Arte, Rosario, 2007
Against the invitation to make a speech in the week of the art of Rosario, and decided to run a festival of fireworks during the opening of the exhibition, to be converted into much more Fireworks yet from the next day. Because after the first performance, the brief and intense show would be turned into a version translated into a new format. Increasingly distorted, trying to trick a little present, and at the same time inviting to think with humor about things that we remember as once they were.
The project was formally a fireworks show from the Museum of contemporary art of Rosario (MACRo), facing the River, on the occasion of the opening of the week of art. The sound of Fireworks was recorded in a Studio laptop and played afterwards, starting from the next day and every day of the week at the same time they were heard for the first time, but now from a pickup truck equipped with audio equipment and lights with lights sound transmission system to evoke the Fireworks lighting accompanying the DIN. The truck went out each day to Oroño boulevard for an hour, from the Museum of contemporary art to the Museum Castagnino.
Something like a large lamp flashing along the Boulevard roared, every night of the week, at the same time, recalling the excitement of the first time.