Brus (wool drawing)
DVD, 0’40 min.
E. Alvarez, 2006
This short video shows a drawing by Brusuilis, our cat (now deceased).
A fleeting foray into the art of drawing, in work reminiscent of some drawings of Tamara, you can find there are strokes that make think also in early works of Marcel Duchamp and Sol Lewitt (in those days I was working at a seminar that included the work of both artists).
As at home we do not hide anything our pets, both our dog and our cat have the opportunity listen to our conversations on aesthetics, among other things.
I think that Brus will have wanted to say something in a fun way; the fact is that one day, I went through our study and hence was drawing, Brus was – apparently – playing with a ball of wool, and left a few moments his work to be seen, and immediately documented in this very short video made with a camera, so the definition is pretty poor. Just after recording it, I wanted to repeat it with a camera suitable for video, and the drawing had already disappeared.
I hesitated about the possibility of repeating the drawing, but at the end I didn’t do it, I would have liked to see Brus working.
Esteban Alvarez.
Brus (Wool Drawing), was displayed in the exhibition “Levity”, curated by Katherine Karl, at The Drawing Center, New York, 2007, in the exhibition “the world and the pants”, curated by Cecilia Casares, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2008, Video Alucine, Toronto, Festival 2007, and as part of the Loop, in a selection of videos made by Gustavo Marrone, in downtown Santa Monica , Barcelona, 2007.